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Ciencias Informáticas

Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas

V International Scientific Convention UCIENCIA 2023

The University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) summons professionals linked to training, research, development and innovation activities, in the field of informatics sciences and others related to the development of higher education, to participate in the V International Scientific Convention UCIENCIA, to take place from September 27 to 29, 2023 , in the Varadero Spa, Cuba, with the aim of providing a space for the exchange of experiences, disseminating the results of the investigations and promoting cooperation between the participating institutions.



VIII Congreso Internacional de Inteligencia Artificial y Reconocimiento de Patrones IWAIPR 2023. Coordinator: Dr. C. Yanio Hernández Heredia(

International Symposium on Digital Transformation. Coordinator: Dr. C. Yeleny Zulueta Veliz (

X International Workshop on Free Software and Emerging Technologies

X International Project Management Workshop

V International Workshop on Software Engineering and Quality

III International Cybersecurity Workshop

I International Workshop on Human Computer Interface Technologies

International Symposium on Computational Mathematics and Bioinformatics. Coordinator: Dr. C. Jorge Gulín González (

V International Workshop on Computational Mathematics

I International Workshop on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

International Professional Training Symposium.Coordinadora: Dr. C. Ailec Granda Dihigo (

X International Workshop Language and Technology L@ngtech

V International Training Workshop for Computer Science

I International Workshop on Virtual Education and Educational Technology

International University and Society Symposium.  Coordinator: Dr. C. Pedro L. Basulto Ramírez(

V International Workshop on Science and Innovation Management

IV International University Extension Workshop

I Workshop on Internationalization of Higher Education

I International Workshop on Higher Education for the Sustainable Development Goals

II Competition "My thesis in three minutes".  Coordinator: Dr. C. Yamilis Fernández Pérez (



Papers will be received from January 20, 2023 by the EasyChair platform or by the Springer OCS depending on the specific event in which you are going to participate. For more information, you can consult the submission guidelines in the guidelines for each event and the template at the end of this call.

The review of the works will be carried out by double-blind pairs and their acceptance will be subject to the evaluation of the Scientific Committee corresponding to each thematic event.

The accepted papers will be published in the Convention's memories, under the Ediciones Futuro seal with the corresponding ISBN record. A selection of the works will be proposed for publication in magazines related to the themes of each event. Selected works on specific topics will be indexed in Springer in special books.


Spanish and English


April 20, 2023: Deadline for the reception of works.

June 20, 2023: Acceptance by the Scientific Committee.

June 20, 2023: Deadline for receipt of rectified works.

Organizing committee


President: Dr. C. Raydel Montesino Perurena

Vicepresident: Dr. C. Lidia Ruiz Ortiz

President Scientific Commission: Dr. C. Héctor Raúl González Diez

Executive Secretary: M. Sc. Beatriz Aragón Fernández

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